UX UI designer, Architect and Entrepreneur

I care for people’s interaction 

with their​ physical and digital space .​

Jack Yu

Based on planet Earth, most of the time…

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A decisive, intercultural and consistent UXUI designer and architect. With great abilities to learn languages and working processes. Eagerly interested in facing challenges professionally and provide my knowledges, enthusiasm and motivation to any project.






Sketchup 3D


Adobe XD

Photoshop  2020

Illustrator 2020











Spanish (Native)

English (High)

Chinese (High)

French (Fluent)

My skills

What I am good at…

Management of projects
Interface Design
Visual Design
Content Strategy
Business design
User graphics
Information Architecture

My values

What drives my behaviour…

  • Possitive attitude and motivation for all the team.
  • Loyalty and commitment in any project.
  • Ambition. Keep on learning, can be better can do better.
  • Huge fan of benchmarking. Never missing in any project.
  • Curiosity. Deeply understanding is the root of simplicity.
  • Efficient. Time is precious.
  • Love to adapt designs with code.

My life story

First of all, I would like to tell you a little bit about where I come from; I decided to study architecture because I consider that architecture is a very balanced degree. I mean it has many subjects from different branches of knowledge such as design, mathematics, art, history, etc. However, I was not very sure that I wanted to work as an architect. I thought that the architecture career may be too long and difficult for not working as an architect, but I liked it, so why shouldn’t I study it?


In-between, I had the opportunity to go to China and work in a project beside Wanda Group. I took a flight, moved to China for two years and suddenly, It turn out to be two of my best years in life. There we organised a great International food festival where I worked as a manager dealing between the Chinese organisers, and Spanish, English and French companies.


Once I graduated, I looked back and found that the part that excited me the most was research and building human-centered design. That is why I decided to study a master of User Experience and User Interface. Here is where I found my real passion, I think good interaction design must be supported by good research and a good visual layer.


Regarding my business profile, both of my parents are entrepreneurs, and since I was a child I have always been influenced by their business and commercial relations. So I guess I know (a bit) about how to make business, specially between different cultures.

Interested in working with me?

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