Based on design thinking methodology

Adapting methodologies steps to time frame and budget.

  1. Discover. Empathise and research
  2. Define. Insights and opportunity areas
  3. Develop. Ideation and evaluation
  4. Design. Build and iterate

Here are some personal and team projects I have worked on.
I work across disciplines to find simple solutions to design problems.

OneD Battery

I had the honour of designing the OneD Battery Sciences website. Together with my 3D animators team we enjoyed bringing this project to life.

OneD is a Silicon Valley company that specialises in nanowires technology applied in batteries.
For this design, the client wanted a modern, elegant and proffesional website. They wanted to differ from their competitors.

In the process I worked on benchmarking, wireframes, prototypes using Figma, colour pallettes, brand corporative image design, typography visuals and scale, etc.

UI · Science · Digital image · Design and project Lead

Discover the process >   View the website >   
Discover the process > View the website > 


This project is the UI design of the website of the Spanish biotech company Somaprobes.

The client was looking for a complete overhaul of their company’s digital image, starting with their website. We reformed the entire structure, with new functionalities and a much more precise and accessible information architecture.

For this project I made: moodboard, wireframes, colour palette, graph designs, stock images, company image retouching, website translation, etc.

UI · Pharma · Biotech · Translation · Image boost

Discover the process >        View the website >

Discover the process >

View the website >

Elcoleccionista is a project that refreshes the image of the world of collecting.

We transform the physical space into a modern, dynamic and profitable space.
The facade of the project becomes digital where a reflection of the physical space is projected.
We also offer services to collectors following the trend of subscriptions as a business model.

UX+UI · Collecting · Suscriptions · Physical & digital space


The future mobility of the citizens’.

WiGOO is a symbiotic project that links the culture of hitchhiking, taxi and car rental.

It is an app that detects mobility flows and citizens’ routines and matches them up by creating route groups.

UX · Mobility · Sustainability · Car-sharing · Big cities


Love is something prescious, and it needs to be nurtured.

Due to pandemic and forced cohabitation in quarantines, the divorce rate in 2020 may be more than marriages, for the first time in decades.

We propose a slow-divorce mode in order to fight for love and second chances. We created a serie of services by suscription, focused on the different typologies of couples.

LEAN UX+UI · Love · The love suscription 


3DFS. scientific storytelling SAAS

(About to publish soon)

Telocytes. interactive video



Medix. Newsletter & brochures

(About to publish soon)

Sanitas assurance. page redesign



Santander bank. page redesign


Other designs

Other designs…

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